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 Enhancing Diplomacy

Army Medicine Strategic Framework- Create Capacity, Enhance Diplomacy, Improve Stamina.

To move from a healthcare system to a system for Health, Army Medicine must impact the determinants of health - those lifestyle choices, social and environmental factors that contribute to overall health - that are at the heart of the Lifespace. Our success in doing this rests on our ability to create capacity, enhance diplomacy and improve stamina.

Participating and shaping dialogue on healthcare delivery and individual health in Army, DoD, national and international communities in order to build federal, national and international enduring relationships that use medical diplomacy to advance Army values, interests and objectives.  The responsibility for diplomacy runs through all levels of Army Medicine.  From the combat medic at the tip of the spear, who provides first line care to Soldiers and represents Army Medicine to the line, to those engaging with internal and external stakeholders in a variety of forums, we all have a role in diplomacy with a common thread in our message: Army Medicine is committed to optimizing individual health and unit readiness.  We will enhance diplomacy by participating in and shaping dialogue on healthcare delivery and individual health in Army, DoD, national and international communities. Diplomacy consists of three facets: Partnering, Active Engagements, and Marketing Initiatives.  Every member of the Army Medicine team is critical to diplomacy. We must partner internally and externally to enhance communication, collaboration, and innovation; all of which will ensure long-term sustainability of Army Medicine and advance the Army agenda.  Through proactive internal and external engagements we will speak with "One Voice" and provide a clear, concise, and consistent message.  This message will also be reflected in our marketing initiatives and communication products that get us all on the same page and ensure consistency in our strategic messaging and communications.  Through increased diplomacy, we will advance the mission of Army Medicine, and make medical diplomacy a strategic tool to advance Army values, interests, and objectives.

Videos of individual Fort Meade MEDDAC / Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Team Members discussing how they are meeting the Army Surgeon General’s Army Medicine Strategy 2020 Strategic Imperatives.

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