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Veterinary Services
Hours of operation:
Monday thru Friday 0730-1530.

The Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) will be closed the last working day of each month for inventory and on all Federal holidays. The clinic is open on occasional evenings and Saturdays; this schedule changes monthly. Please call for detailed information.

(301) 677-1300

Clinic Location:
2018 Annapolis Road
The VTF is just outside the Reece Road gate, at the corner of 20th street and Hwy 175.

Services rendered:
The Primary mission of Fort Meade Veterinary Services includes food safety and security, medical support for Military Working Dogs/NSA dogs/Government-owned animals, control of zoonotic disease (diseases communicable from animal to man), and wartime training.

Secondary to all these missions is veterinary care for privately owned animals. Please understand that we cannot offer care on a daily basis due to the fact that our military veterinarians must attend to these primary responsibilities. Every attempt, however, will be made to offer veterinary care to privately owned animals on a scheduled basis.
The Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment Facility provides physical examinations, vaccinations, and sick animal clinics. Emergency care, treatment for chronic conditions, and surgery services are not available for privately-owned animals due to the scope of our mission.

Appointment information:
Sick call and vaccinations are scheduled by appointment only. Pet care products may be purchased during clinic hours listed above. Pet registration and microchipping is offered on a walk-in basis if a technician is available; owners are advised to call the clinic before visiting to be sure that we can accommodate your needs.

After hours care:
We do not offer after hours care. Please contact a civilian veterinarian or the nearest emergency clinic if your pet needs medical attention.

No Show Policy:
If you fail to cancel your appointment with at least a 24-hour notice, you will be classified as a NO SHOW. After two “NO SHOW” appointments, all future appointments will be scheduled at the convenience and discretion of the Post Veterinarian.

Other important information:
  • No children under the age of 12 will be allowed in the clinic for health and safety reasons during clinic days. Children may not be left unattended in a vehicle or on the grounds of the VTF
  • Congress mandates a $2.00 service charge per visit. The funds are sent to the central finance office for the military.
  • All animals residing on-post are required to register at the Fort Meade Veterinary Facility within 10 days of arrival. All cats or dogs living on-post are required to have a microchip.
  • We also need to see proof of a current rabies vaccination if your pet is 12 weeks or older.
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